American Express Global Business Travel is constantly looking for ways to improve our interaction with our clients. We have invested in a Global Distribution System strategy and partnered with Amadeus and implemented a seamless technology platform. The latter provides us with an end-to-end solution, improved consultant productivity, turn-around times and reporting.

Additional benefits are:

  • Improved quality control processes
  • Full inventory access through one platform
  • Improved traveler and company profile management

American Express Global Business Travel also offer a self-booking tool which allows our clients to save while still managing their travel portfolio.

American Express Global Business Travel has an online travel management solution that we believe will revolutionize the way corporations look at travel management in the future. Together with our technology partner, Amadeus, we can now offer our clients the ability to utilize the Online Booking Tool called Amadeus e-Travel Manager (AeTM) for all travel requisitions and ultimate fulfillment requirements.
The key advantages are:
  • increase in process efficiency
  • speed of service
  • automation and possible cost reductions.
For customers utilizing SAP as their ERP solution the news just gets better. A standard integration offering now exists between the SAP Travel Management module and Amadeus AeTM.
Our online service offering includes the following high level components:
  • Amadeus e-Travel Management online travel solution which can be utilized on its own (as a stand-alone solution) or integrated into SAP ESS Portal, HCM, FI and CO modules
  • A comprehensive online private aircraft travel management solution, integrated with AeTM
  • A comprehensive online solution to manage the travel component of corporates’ passenger ferry boat operation, integrated with AeTM
  • Implementation of a comprehensive online solution to manage the content and reservations related to corporates’ owned guest houses, integrated into AeTM

Whether on SAP or not, the final major opportunity is for corporates who own their own fleet of aircraft, ferry boats or even guest houses, to utilize this online solution to comprehensively manage the content, availability and capacity utilization of their owned services effectively and efficiently in an online environment.

American Express Global Business Travel is proud to be engaged in the first ever AeTM implementation, with full integration into SAP in Nigeria. As a result of this, we feel confident that we have the people, processes and relationships with the mainstream software suppliers, to provide this experience to the corporate travel market in Nigeria.

Our Travel Requisition System (TRS) is a web-based tool that simplifies travel requisitions and approvals. The policy and approval procedure are determined in consultation with the client as part of the implementation process. The TRS tool contains a full set of standard reports which can be customised to meet a client’s specific needs.

TRS benefits your business by:

  • Increasing operational efficiency by reducing the manual paper flow associated with travel bookings.
  • Streamlining the interaction between client and arranger.
  • Improving the management and monitoring of the approval process. As a result, the travel policy can be enforced more effectively.

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