Consultative account management
Your relationship management team will offer unique solutions to help manage travel expenses while providing the highest levels of service.

Interactive processes
Through an established Service Level Agreement, we will measure your companies performance, provide bench-marking analysis, and conduct regular reviews – all to set out our strategies to respond to your needs and shifting market demands.

Service through innovation
American Express Global Business Travel constantly delivers innovative solutions that offer you more value. For instance, management information tools which we use for advisory services and also to forecast any further savings.

Change management
Your supplier rates can be the best in the industry, your travel policies can be best-in-class, you can have state of the art technology in place – but if not all your employees are booking the rates, following your policies and using the technology, your results will suffer. The traveller is at the core of every travel program, and only by influencing traveller behaviour can you drive compliance and achieve real savings.

Full service options
American Express Global Business Travel has a number of full service options to meet the needs of our corporate clients. From dedicated on-site service solutions to designated off-site service offerings, American Express Global Business Travel strives to understand each client’s needs and meet expectations. 24 hours a day, seven days a week, your travellers will be able to make air, car and hotel bookings through any of the chosen options.


Emergency Call Centre Service
Travel is not without its complexities, emergencies and unexpected events. Increasingly, companies want to know that the health and safety of their employees travelling abroad is in good hands. American Express Global Business Travel Emergency Call Centre (ECC) is the perfect partner to ensure such peace of mind. The call centre is available after hours from 17:30 – 08:30 on weekdays and 24-hours a day on weekends and public holidays to address travel emergencies within the framework of clients’ personal preferences and company policies.

Your travelers can contact our Emergency Call centre from anywhere in the world after-hours, weekends and public holidays.

Experience exceptional service
Achieving the highest return on your travel investment is about more than just obtaining the lowest rates on airfare and hotel rooms; it’s also about getting the reliable service you and your travellers deserve.

Unparalleled traveller service
As an American Express Global Business Travel client, your company has access to our unparalleled pool of travel consultants who will support your travellers with experience and consistent quality before, during and after a trip.

Our travel consultants are ready to simplify the travel booking experience and ensure that you are cared for with the highest level of customer service and reliability.

Commitment to service quality
Web-based customer and traveller surveys are an important part of our overall quality strategy. To ensure we capture feedback reflecting a wide range of experiences, we use a variety of tools to survey our customers and travellers. We have a number of process solutions and service level agreements in place to measure our service performance against benchmarks mutually established with our customers.

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